Sea Angel 2018 Limited Edition Angel Heart Ring

Alex Streeter Jewelry

We are pleased to formally announce this year's Limited Edition Angel Heart Ring, the Sea Angel, is now available for purchase at

Created by hand with beautiful natural abalone shell, each stone boasts a unique swirling design composed by Mother Nature herself... As such, no two stones are exactly alike, giving each piece of jewelry a unique beauty that cannot be reproduced.

Abalone is one of the oldest materials known to man and has been used for food and adornment as far as 12,000 years back. We feel this is one of our greatest Editions yet and are proud to offer you this stone while our very limited supplies last. 

  • Please include your size (i.e. US 9 or JAPAN 11) in the comments section of your order.
  • To order an Angel Heart Pendant, Devil Heart or Baby Angel Heart Ring, please contact and we will set up an order for you personally.

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Type: Ring

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